1806 Bastar was included in the Diocese of Mylapore
1833 Bastar became part of theVicariateApostolic of Madras
1845 Bastar became part of newly erectedVicariate ofApostolic Visakhapatnam
1966 Bastar was separated from the diocese of Visakhapatnam and added to the Apostolic Prefecture of Raipur and entrusted to the Pilar Fathers (SFX)
1972 Bastar was made an Exarchate and was entrusted to the CMI congregation and named as the Exarchate of Jagdalpur.
1972 Msgr. Paulinus JeerakathCMItook charge as Exarch
1972 TheCMCand theSABS sisters started their service in Jagdalpur mission
1972 Nirmal Vidyalaya, English medium school at Jagdalpur, was established
1972 TomSadan Bijapur was started
1972 Catholic Ashram at Kanker was started
1973 Nirmal Ashram at Geedam was started
1974 Deepti Bhavan at Narayanpur was started
1974 Shanti Bhavan at Kondagaon was started
1974 The first batch ofCMI aspirants started their training at Jagdalpur
1976 Deen Bandhu Samaj was founded by Mar Paulinus Jeerakath CMI at Konta
1976 MSMI sisters started their service at Karithgaon
1976 ASMI sisters started their service at Narayanpur
1977 Tera Prem at Gangaloor was started
1977 Exarchate of Jagdalpur was raised to the status of an eparchy and Mar Paulinus Jeerakath CMIwas appointed its first Bishop

1977 Episcopal ordination of Mar Paulinus JeerakathCMIat Mannanam
1978 Girideep at Keskal was started
1978 Asha Nivas at Adawal was started
1978 Sadhu Sadan at Potanar was started
1978 Jyoti Nivas at Kodagaon was started
1979 Nazareth Ashram at Chindgarh was started
1980 St. Joseph's Church at Kirandul was blessed.
1980 Chiurgaon,VimalVidyashram was formally started.
1982 Seva Sadan, Rajapara at Kanker station was started.
1982 SMC sisters started their service at Jagdalpur.
1984 Missionaries of Charity Brothers (MC) started Karuna Sadan at
1984 Dewda Mission Station was started
1986 ChavaraAshram was established at Bande
1990 Blessing of St. Joseph's Cathedral Church at Jagdalpur.
1990 First batch of seminarians for the Eparchy of Jagdalpur started their training at Karithgaon together withCMIaspirants.
1990 Bishop Mar Paulinus Jeerakath was called to eternal rest
1990 Very Rev. Fr. Kurian Macheril CMI was elected as the Diocesan Administrator
1993 Mar Simon Stock Palathra CMI was appointed the second bishop of Jagdalpur
1993 The episcopal ordination of Mar, Simon Stock PalathraCMI
1993 Snehagiri Convent at Bande was blessed
1997 Don Bosco Sisters started their service atAkkametta
1997 MPMHospital was established atAghanpur
1998 Dicesan Minar Seminary was started
1998 FCC sisters started their service at Keshkal
2000 Gurukul at Kondagaon was blessed
2000 MMB brothers started their service at Pakkanjore
2002 Silver Jubilee of the eparchy of Jagdalpur was celebrated
2003 Amar Jyoti Parish at Chottebettia was established
2008 Fervent Daughters of Sacred Heart of Jesus Sisters started their service at Kapsi
2008 Good Shepherd Parish, Aghanpur was bifurcated from St. Joseph's Cathedral
2010 Good Shepherd Pastoral Centre,Aghanpur was blessed
2013 Mar Joseph Kollamparampil CMI was appointed the third bishop of Jagdalpur
2013 Episcopal ordination of Mar Joseph KollamparampilCMI
2013 Mission station at Charama was opened
2015 Daughters of Sacred Heart of Jesus Sisters started their service at Charama
2015 Sisters of John the Baptist started their service at Palnar
2016 Mission Station at Antagarh was opened.