Sisters of St. John the Baptist

The Congregation of Sisters of St.John the Baptist And Mary Queen (SJB) was founded by Fr. John MaryHaw, a German priest, in the diocese ofTrier in Germany in 1919.The preparation of starting our mission in India started in the year 1963, when Chanda mission started. Bishop Januarius CMI was the apostolatic exarch of Chanda at that time and he needed sisters to to work in the vineyard of the Lord. So he delegated Rev. Fr.WernerCMIto assist him in his search for the missionary sisters. In 1969, mother General Stephana, Sr. Lutgagrdis, Sr.Shanta, Sr.Abhaya and Sr.Rose came to India to find a suitable place in Chanda mission to implant the seeds of our presence and service.Wardha was chosen as the centre of our mission. On 14 June 1971, a tiny twing from the solid tree of sisters of St.John the Baptist from Germany was planted into Indian soil. Sr.Lutgardis was appointed as the delegate superior of the Indian region. A team of 17 young sisters headed by Rev. Sr.Lutgardis, strived hard to keep this branch alive in arid area of Chanda mission. Their toil resulted in a fairly well growth and it has branched out to 25 other centres.We started our mission in Jagdalpur on 31May 2014.