Sisters of the Don Bosco

Don Bosco Secular Institute of “The Disciples”, was founded in by Fr. Joe D'Souza SDB. Their mission is that of the 72 disciples, and the spirit is that of Don Bosco. Members live a simple dedicated life staying 2 by 2 in villages or alone at home. They are involved in their respective jobs as well as carry out their apostolate according to their own capacity for the good of the people and for the service of the Church in co-operation with the Parish Priest. The charism is: The Proclamation of the Love of God, with theAnnouncing of the Gospel, following the example of the Apostles, the first Disciples of Jesus, in the service of the poorest and the needy, according to the Salesian Spirituality, imitating Don Bosco,in the style of the Good Shepherd. They visit the families and proclaim theWord of God in rural ad urban areas where no one is ready to go.